Welcome to Hayden-Island.NET

Welcome to Hayden Island’s Emergency Preparedness site — the go-to resource for island residents and visitors concerned about a major Subduction Zone Earthquake.

This unofficial resource was created by Hayden Island’s Neighborhood Emergency Team. It’s designed to assist Hayden Island residents, but everyone is welcome to view and contribute information. Here’s a Google tour of Hayden Island built using Google’s Tour Builder.

The above chart shows all 40 major earthquakes in the Cascadia Subduction Zone. We’re due. It’s been 316 years since the last big one. Here’s the sobering truth — a 9.0 event will cause unprecedented devastation and recovery may take years. Check out Recent NW Earthquakes. Scientists estimate there’s a 37 percent chance of a Cascadia quake occurring within 50 years.

According to the USGS, in a typical week there is usually one 6.0 earthquake in the world…along with ten 5.0 events, 100, 4.0 earthquakes, and 1,000, 3.0 earthquakes. A magnitude 7, 8 or 9 is much less frequent. But geologists say we NEED to prepare for a 9.0 earthquake. It’s coming.

The services we rely on; phone, power, water, fuel, transportation, internet, health care and banking may NOT be available. What will you do?

Neighbors are your best resource. With roads blocked and communications down, rescue from immediate threats to health and safety will depend on neighbors helping neighbors.

Portland’s Neighborhood Emergency Teams (NETs) are volunteers who have been trained by Portland’s Emergency Management Department to provide assistance in the event of floods, earthquakes or other emergencies. NETs are your neighbors. They help local people and professional responders. You can be a NET volunteer, too. It’s fun.

The institutional memory of the NET program is available at the NET Coordinator’s File Cabinet (portlandnet.tumblr.com). Hundreds of articles are stored there under dozens of topics. Portland Prepares (Facebook) is the main web resource for all the NET volunteers.

The contents of this website is also available (free) in many different forms:

Hayden Island is Portland’s only island community. The Interstate-5 bridge, connecting Oregon and Washington, handles around 130,000 vehicles daily with about 10,000 people coming to the Jantzen Beach Shopping Center every day. Some 1,500-2,000 full time residents live here in floating homes, condos and manufactured homes.

A major earthquake will strand people and create hardships for weeks or months. It pays to be prepared. We hope you find this preparedness guide useful.

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