This web site was created by Hayden Island Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) volunteers. The goal is to spread awareness of earthquake and emergency preparedness.

Hayden Island currently has about a dozen people who have taken the (free) 30 hour class offered by the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management. The objective of neighborhood-based NET training is to enable each neighborhood to have volunteers that can check on the welfare of neighbors, provide assistance if needed, and document the situation for professional responders.

PBEM has an online video training series for any current or aspiring Neighborhood Emergency Team volunteer. NET guidelines and training cover personal safety, basic triage, and damage assessment. It uses FEMA-based CERT training standards.

Download this booklet
This website is also available as a pdf file, a mobile download, and an ebook:
hayden-island.com (General information)
hayden-island.net (Emergency Preparedness)
hinet.atavist.com/net (Mobile)
Earthquake Booklet (Booklet pdf)
Earthquake Guide Flipbook (Booklet HTML-5)
3-Fold Brochure (Brochure pdf)
Inventory of Island Residences, Hotels and Marinas (pdf)

This website automatically re-formats for displaying on phones, tablets or PCs. We used WordPress, the most popular blogging software. It’s hosted by DreamHost.

The problem with all websites is that you need internet access. To get around that, we’ve made universal files (such as pdf, epub and mobi), that can be downloaded (free) and stored on a phone or tablet. They can be read by IOS or Android devices as well as Kindle ebook software (which uses the .mobi format).

Apple, PC and Android use the E-Pub standard for ebooks. PDF, of course, is pretty standard on any platform and prints well, but it can’t re-flow the text so is less able to display ideally on different screen sizes.

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There is also a free 4″x 6″ paper booklet and a 3-fold brochure, available as handouts at public events.

Hope you enjoyed the Hayden Island Emergency Guidebook. This is a work in progress, both in content and in production. Let me know what you’d like to see changed. I’m open to suggestions.

The text and WordPress wrangling of this document was produced by:

Sam Churchill
1503 N. Hayden Island Drive #131
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