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Hayden Island Calendar of Events

Active NET teams that are near Hayden Island include:

The institutional memory of the NET program is available at the NET Coordinator’s File Cabinet ( Hundreds of articles are stored there under dozens of topics.

Hayden Island residents may have to leave the island, going from the dark orange area (extreme liquifaction risk) to the yellow-orange section (above the bluff), just south of Columbia Blvd and the Columbia Slough. If we have to walk to safety, the Railroad Bridge might be one way out with the Charles Jordan Community Center (3 miles south) a possible destination. The Expo Center and Delta Park could be flooded if the levies break.

Hayden Island Residential areas

PBEM, Metro, Oregon Geology, USGS and others like the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency have thematic maps available after a major disaster, as does the Clark County GIS/Maps division.

The VR Walking Tour around Hayden Bay is a 360 degree tour (with or without a VR helmet). It has lots of specifics about the buildings.

Here are some large (but fuzzy) maps of Hayden Island’s sewer system and a map of Hayden Island’s storm drainage system. They have both private and public components. The storm drain goes into the river, the sewer system gets pumped up to the Columbia Blvd sewage treatment plant. The main pump station for the island is behind Home Depot, towards the West.

360 VR shots of Mobile Home Park (plan to make a “Streetview” tour):










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