Corona Virus Info

Want to follow COVID-19 news? You’re in luck!

1. Multnomah County’s COVID-19.

What to expect, and what to do.

2. Oregon Health Authority.

The state’s go to agency for COVID-19 information.

3. City of Portland.

The City generally defers to the County for Health Info

4. City of Vancouver.

5. Federal.


Did you know you can make an interactive map by putting plot points and location on a spreadsheet? Map push-pins show the info your spreadsheet provides (including urls and photos). Just click. As local or global as you want it.

1. NY Times Maps

2. Google My Maps.

Create and share custom maps with Google My Maps

3. Google Earth Projects.

You can create customized maps and stories about places around the world. Mark spots you care about, and add text, photos, and videos to complete your stories. You can also share your maps and stories with others to collaborate.

4. Google Crisis Map.

Crisis Map was designed to make disaster information easy to find, use, and share. It collects information that’s normally scattered across the Web and other resources and makes it easily available through a single map. Find authoritative information as well as crowd-sourced data, all in one place.

5. Our World in Data.

Makes maps and charts based on the work of others.

6. Open Street Maps.,_Oregon!forum/osm-pdx (Android OSM editor)

7. U/Washington Covid-19 maps.

8. Johns Hopkins University maps.

Visualize and track reported cases in real-time. All the data collected and displayed is made freely available, initially as google sheets, now in a GitHub repository. It’s also available in the ESRI Living Atlas (ArcGis) in both desktop and mobile versions (below).

9. ESRI mapping company.

10. Satellite Directory


COVID-19 Related Business Layoffs, Closures, and Unemployment Insurance Benefits

COVID-19 Scenarios and Benefits) (pdf)

DHS suggests SNAP and Unemployment

Applying for unemployment by phone: ‭(503) 292-2057‬ or (877) 345-3484‬

Oregon DHS daycare assistance program emergency changes

How to apply for the Oregon Health Plan


Workers’ Comp Coverage and Coronavirus

All public utilities have suspended nonpayment shut-offs

Portland General Electric

NW Natural Gas

Portland Water Bureau

Pacific Power: Call (888) 221-7070 *Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon suspend data caps and CenturyLink does too, plus won’t shut off for late payment

Worldwide/National Information

Oregon and West Coast News

Mental health