Document Downloads

Here are (locally) stored documents, many in pdf form, which you can download and print.

The goal is that this page and all its contents could be stored on a SD card. Then a wireless router with thumb drive access could distribute the documents and not require internet connections.

Oregon population
Oregon Bluebook

Oregon Airport Plan
Oregon Airports
Washington Airports
Northwest Oregon Airports
Small Airfields
Roadside Cameras

The Google Slides presentation (above) is one example of using free Google Docs, which can create shared documents, quickly and easily (if you have an internet connection). Here’s how to create Google Forms (You Tube tutorial), how to create Google Spreadsheets (You Tube tutorial), and how to create Google Slides (You Tube tutorial).

These documents include procedural guides, forms, electronic device manuals, health and safety instructions, as well as public domain Books, Talking Books, Humor, Short Stories, 78 recordings, Old Time Radio and other copyright-free content from

Humor, talking books and short stories may be restorative. They can stimulate individuals to find their own motivation. We need each other. Together we are strong. The trauma after an Apocalyptic earthquake may be severe. Reducing psychological trauma may be underestimated in the short-term, but critical for personal resilience and strength in the long-term.

Here’s my BikeNET proposal (pdf) which is intended to provide vital communications and power via bike trailer after an earthquake or severe storm. A golf cart, modified into a mobile solar powered communications hub, might also be used. Download that pdf here.


Portland Maps, using ARC GIS show topographic detail with building outlines and street names.

CERT Procedures

CERT Forms

Earthquake Background

Radio Frequencies

ARRL Documentation

Radio Manuals

Radio Operation

Safety Tips

WiFi Manuals

An Emergency GO-KIT PASSPORT is a printed and detailed emergency plan that each family member should carry.

Your Family Plan:
Your Family Plan gets everyone on the same page. It may be more important then putting food in a box. When phones are down, a Family Plan can save the day. Put a copy in everyone’s wallet or purse.