NET Forms

Forms help NETs track the overall situation. NET team leaders can then provide documentation for first responders and/or the Emergency Coordination Center. Here are the Incident Command Forms with instructions on how to use them from PBEM.

The NET operating manual is stored locally, on this website, here, and at at the mother ship, Here’s a tentative 3 fold brochure of the Hayden Island NET Operational Plan, in Microsoft Word.

Here are seventeen NET training videos, produced by Portland’s Emergency Management department.

You can watch each one individually at the following links:

  1. Introduction: What to Do During an Earthquake
  2. Elements of an Emergency Preparedness Kit
  3. Assembling an Emergency Preparedness Kit
  4. Introduction to Neighborhood Emergency Teams (NETs)
  5. Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities
  6. Review: How to Prepare for an Emergency
  7. Preparing Pets for an Emergency
  8. Emergency Sanitation and Hygiene
  9. Earthquake Awareness
  10. Volcano Awareness
  11. Tsunami Awareness
  12. Landslide Awareness
  13. Flood, Tornado and Windstorm Awareness
  14. Wildland/Urban Interface Fire Awareness
  15. Planning for Resilience & Emergency Preparedness (PREP)
  16. How to Shut Off Utilities
  17. Understanding Smoke Detectors

There are 9 standard forms used by Portland NET teams, which can be found at

The NET forms are:

• Form 1: Damage Assessment
• Form 2.a: Personnel Resources Intake
• Form 2.b: Personnel Resources Check-in
• Form 3: Assignment Tracking Log
• Form 4: Assignment Briefing
• Form 5: Victim Treatment Area Record
• Form 6: Communications Log
• Form 7: Equipment Inventory
• Form 8: General Message

Not every situation calls for the use of every form. The Team Leader may decide what forms to use. PBEM recommends printing copies of forms and placing them in your NET kit.

Form 1 (above): Damage Assessment

Form 2.a (above): Personnel Resources Intake

Form 2.b (above): Personnel Resources Check-in

Form 3 (above): Assignment Tracking Log

Form 4 (above): Assignment Briefing

Form 5 (above): Victim Treatment Area Record

Form 6 (above): Communications Log

Form 7 (above): Equipment Inventory

Form 8 (above): General Message

Spontaneous Volunteer Management has its own forms and procedures.

The Downtown NET Operations Plan has a review of typical documentation. Here’s Hayden Island’s tentative NET Ops Word Brochure template.